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Clearing out my den as I go more minimalist and move on to other hobbies. Prices include shipping in the United States. No international shipping. Payment through PayPal. Please pm with any questions. I can provide more pics if needed. Thanks for looking.

Wolfman WR1 .61 SB with Stand (Basic Finish) = $475 ** Sold **

[Image: VumpvBJ.jpg]

[Image: UJdtk37.jpg]

[Image: D85EIgJ.jpg]

WildWest Brushworks with 24mm DG B9B = $200 ** SOLD **

[Image: kVII2SX.jpg]

That Darn Rob with 24mm DG B5 = $160

[Image: kEQFWlS.jpg]

Paladin Lotus (see Knot Code Card - believe it’s a 28mm= $150

[Image: 3utWy3b.jpg]

[Image: Hq9UGYv.jpg]

WildWest Brushwork Handles (24mm/26mm) = $50 each

Peacock ** SOLD **

[Image: qtbLefV.jpg]

That Darn Rob Handles (24mm/26mm) = $75 each

Turquoise Buckeye Burl

[Image: W8LAYAx.jpg]

Brad Sears Handle 24mm (Pulled the knot out and there is still some expoxy that needs to be removed. See picture) = $45

[Image: tHYjd5o.jpg]

[Image: 9CH7kmR.jpg]

Sawdust Creations Handle (24mm) = $50 

[Image: DkuyBgE.jpg]

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