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1) Rex - O1 Brand New 
I got this razor for my father, but then I found different razor for him. Decided to sell this. 
It is never used, brand new. But I added my father's name for warranty. It is O1. 
Conus $190 (Paypal included). 

[Image: 20191005-191718.jpg]

4) TOBS Jermyn Street: Cream (Never Used) + AS (Used twice) $35 Conus

[Image: 20191005-194443.jpg]

6) ALL Brand New Lot 2 ($40)

[Image: 20191005-195650.jpg]

8) Artisan Brushes 
Wild West + Razorock (Zenith) 26mm Boar Knot ($40) Used
Wild West + Maggard SHD 26mm ($50) Used SOLD
Rick Mantalvo + Unused 23 Silvertip ($40)

[Image: 20191005-201606.jpg]

10) Vintage Razor Lot. $70 Conus. I can send detail photos tomorrow.
[Image: 20191005-215824.jpg]

2) Razorock Eco Used only once + Colonial SE Aluminium Head Excellent Condition + Almost 100 Asco Half DE blades (probably around 95)+ Almost 100 Crown Half DE Blades + More than 15 Feather Super + More than 15 Schick P-20 + More than 10 Feather Guard
All for $70 Conus - WITHDRAWN
[Image: 20191005-210138.jpg]

9) Used Brushes Lot. All have very good condition $40 Conus SOLD
21mm (Best Badger) + 24mm RR Synthetic + 28mm FS Synthetic + 26mm WestCoast Silver tip + 20mm Pure Badger
[Image: 20191005-203111.jpg]

5) ALL Brand New Lot 1 ($25) SOLD
[Image: 20191005-195113.jpg]

7) Razorock GC .84 Excellent ($40)  SOLD
[Image: 20191005-200418.jpg]

3) DragonsBeard Oleo Shaving Soap + After Shave SOLD

Used twice, $40 Conus

[Image: 20191005-193228.jpg]

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Nice deal on the Rex!

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Razorock GC .84 and Rex sale canceled and money returned to buyer.

The reason of this cancellation:
The buyer's paypal account address and shipping address are different countries.
When the shipping is not defined in Paypal, even the buyer notes his shipping address, Paypal does not insure the seller.
The buyer also does not have any trade feedback.

So they are available now.

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Wild West + Maggard SHD SOLD
Brush lot SOLD..
Brand New Lot 1 SOLD...
GC .84 SOLD...
SE Razor Lot Withdrawn..
DragonsBeard SOLD...

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