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Vault 101
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Time to let go of the products that aren't being used. Prices include CONUS shipping. Please note: Orders containing alcohol will be shipped USPS Ground.
Paypal ONLY
No Trades

1)   Vintage Old Spice Fresh Scent AS 4 1/4oz
      Comes with "Cologne" box. (This how I received it)
      Sprayed 4 times.
      Your Price: $33 Shipped
[Image: UCHrISc.jpg]
2)   D. R. Harris Pair (Selling as set, please)
      Windsor AS 100ml 75% Remaining. Retail $40 + Shipping
      Windsor Refill Puck 104g (Removed from the container for shipping) Retail 100g $18 + Shipping
      Your Priced Shipped: $30

3)   Soap Commander Commitment Limited Edition (Sandalwood, Currently Unavailable)
      3oz Shave Soap, Lathered Exactly Twice, Retail 10 + Shipping
      Aftershave Balm, Two small dollops used, Retail $12 + Shipping
      Your Price Shipped: $20 SPF

4)   Soap Commander Endurance (Old Spice) Large 6oz tub, 85% Remaining, Retail $15 + Shipping
      Your Price Shipped: $9
[Image: Zvv6HNt.jpg]
5)   Sampsons All Natural Shave Soap 5.5oz Retail Price $22.50
      Lathered Exactly Once
      Your Price Shipped $11
[Image: TvjciOJ.jpg]
6)   WSP Gaelic Tweed (Vegan) 125g Retail Price: $12.99 + Shipping
      95% Remaining
      Your Price Shipped: $10
[Image: 8zK1lnp.jpg]
7)   Dusy Kabinett 250g (Unused)
      Your Price Shipped: $30  
8)   Captain's Choice Cat O' Nine Tails AS Retail Price $18.99 + Shipping
      Juice level is at top of label, 85% min.
      Your Price Shipped: $9
[Image: dJawpOu.jpg]
9)   Captain's Choice Bay Rum AS Retail Price: $18.99 + Shipping
      Juice level slightly below label, 80% min
      Your Price Shipped: $9 SPF

10)   Captain's Choice Bay Rum Shave Soap 5oz Retail Price: $14.95 + Shipping
        65% Remaining
        Your Price Shipped: $9 SPF
        (Nothing else in picture is for sale)

Thank you for looking.


Veni, vidi, vici
Vault 101
Prices reduced

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