Hello gentlemen!

I decided to trade some vintage- discontinued blades of my collection for some razors.
The razors I was thinking of is:

- Mongoose razor, cased, in mint or new condition
- Gillette NEW Deluxe Criterion cased in mint condition
- Gillette british Aristocrat no 21 rhodium plated, cased in mint condition
- Gillette british Aristocrat no 15 rhodium plated, cased, in mint condition
- ATT Kronos H2, in mint or new condition

Feel free to pm me.
If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to ask me. Thanks.

All the packages of the blades are in almost perfect conditon, like new.
Some photos of the Personna 74 tungsten steel and the Gillette Platinum aka Swedes I trade.
*I found another one package of Personna 74, so there will be 6 packages, not 5, of 74's and 3 packages of Gillette Swedes.

[Image: 1200bd787f68c9ace1c4379ce663d866_zps16yvj3ww.jpg]
[Image: 20151011_143624_zpsokulburi.jpg]
[Image: 20151011_143524_zpsbqezpgpy.jpg]
* I added two soaps in the lot I trade. I have many soaps and I don't use these two anymore.

Tabac stick, lathered once

Dapper Dragon Watermelon, lathered once

[Image: 20151012_133916_zpsxurpuage.jpg]
No interest, so closed!

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