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I sell this iconic Paradigm. Made of 17-4 stainless.
With original box. Words are not needed, photos are enough.
I sell at € 600 plus shipping costs.

Please note: A clarification (for correctness): due to a misunderstanding occurred in the past on another Forum, I was
returned a razor not quite in the state in which I had shipped it and the buyer claimed that I shipped the razor
in that state.Too bad that on that forum the buyer was quite "known" for these performances.
Moral: I do not like and do not accept returns.

[Image: oQuqbc6.jpg][Image: 2U49LEd.jpg][Image: EWrPR0f.jpg][Image: QUlUt96.jpg][Image: NAznP59.jpg]

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Never Call Your Broker On Monday.
Never Call Your Broker On Monday.

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