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For sale CONUS only, please...

- Custom ordered Stabilized Olivewood and Red resin Handle, turned by Sorrentino Brushworks. Contain a 23mm TGN silvertip premium knot. Used 3-4 times. Paid around $110 total. Asking $55* shipped.  SOLD

- Trotter Handcrafts Red Shaving brush ("Fable") with a 26mm APSC 2BED knot. This is an earlier of Paul's creations, without the coin. I've used this quite a bit and it's a wonderful brush. I just need to reduce my brush inventory. I believe I paid $50 just for the handle. Asking $40* shipped for the complete brush. WITHDRAWN

**Take both brushes for $75 shipped.

- GD Red "Soap". This is Mo's line meant to resemble hand soaps. This specific one is  a Citrus and Rose soap akin to a fancy hotel soap. Approx. half of a scoop taken out. Paid $27. Asking $22  $18 shipped.  SOLD

-Old spice mug with custom 3D printed red cover. The cover sits flush with the top of the mug, giving it an awesome aesthetic, IMO. It's not a tight fit, so you can easily open it, or even prop it partially open (with a bit of fidgeting). Looks like it'll be ~19 to ship. So I'm asking $35 $30 shipped for the set.[Image: 5f3b83bf89ce89f2edaed46a9bcd9ac6.jpg][Image: e2e3482ec96a7cfbde83867d064d2f7c.jpg][Image: bb3bc1016ea0b11fd2df656a411c6c74.jpg][Image: 2dc374e46ee85b13e20b5f18984a4d20.jpg][Image: e5e02faaad5d9dbc29e0e9d10c69bdca.jpg][Image: 0105d5ed3ed9327e739a2416e4761073.jpg]

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Is there enough room to bore the wood/ red epoxy handle to a 26mm?

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(06-02-2023, 01:05 AM)Gravity Wrote: Is there enough room to bore the wood/ red epoxy handle to a 26mm?
sorry, just saw your post...

Not 100% sure. I know when Eric made it he told me it wasn't going to have a lot of room for a knot. I was thinking 24 to begin with, so I never broached that question.

I'll post pictures so hopefully you can get a better idea. My guess: It would make the walls very thin, if not crack / compromised... But I'm not a brush maker at all. [Image: 5a75c554d27c69a7362c274609421c29.jpg][Image: a46073e039e7fee2c3f4df25230d33ae.jpg]

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In my attempt to get additional pictures this morning I noticed that there are dings / dimples on the bottom of the brush. Not sure how this happened, it may have been there from the start. Regardless, I'm not feeling great about selling the brush as is... At least for what I'm asking.

Sorry folks. I think I'm pulling this brush for now. I'll either re-list it for less or just use it, as it's not worth near what I paid. EDIT: A member requested to buy it still, so the brush has been sold. Just wanted to update where things are fwiw.

[Image: ab655c0f0961aba70aa8e156e8984337.jpg]

PM sent

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Adding a brush and razor add-on to the listing...

-This is the special edition RazoRock 400 Synthetic Shaving Brush. An anodized aluminum Handle With a 24 mm x 57 mm NOIR Plissoft knot. Bought it via a BST post. Has a hefty feel, a nice vintage look, and is in good condition. According to RR website, it's 24.95 + shipping. I'm asking $20 shipped.

As an add-on to the brush... I will toss in a W2 (Apr - Jun 1976) Gillette black handle TTO razor for $12.

Its a 'user grade ' razor, with a fair amount of polish still, but some 'character' on the handle. The flaps are a bit lazy, IMO, but do work perfectly well. the knob is smooth to turn and it closes tightly.

Aesthetically, It's a fairly good match to the brush, with the metals being a slight bit off - Alum vs chrome finish. I originally bought the brush to pair with the razor, on display.

[Image: 913838d74097474d2c78eabf89f97654.jpg][Image: 2a3a7baf48527c8cb11e902ebd0df3dc.jpg][Image: dd4e9f12b6bdb72318bc4147cb19765a.jpg][Image: f8c0587fdd6487c5803fbc5b80fa18a4.jpg][Image: a5ef09c72f329b9a290f10f547591380.jpg][Image: 7adefd286646872427de29edbf0fdc11.jpg][Image: 5a6eff494312139cfaaf45f723a0bfe7.jpg]

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Bump (with price reduction) - will likely close by the end of the week.

GD Red Soap, Razorock Synth (w/wo Gillette razor), and OS Mug are still available.

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GD Soap sold!

Only the Razorock brush, addon Razor, and OS Mug left.

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