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Hi all,

Looking to sell the following items.

1.  Charcoal Goods Gen 3 brass razor, solid hammered handle with level 2 and 3 blade guards in excellent condition. Asking for $325 shipped CONUS.  Sold

2.  Wald Shaving A1 synthetic Bloodline Nimbus shaving brush in excellent condition. I have a Wald bulb knot, which I prefer over a fan knot. The brush has been used only 5-6X. Asking for $230 shipped CONUS.  SOLD

3. Tallow and Steel Sarsaparilla and Hokkaido Shave Soaps (Used 1x). Asking for $40 shipped Conus.

Thanks for looking!

[Image: EDqwDhI.jpg][Image: Vu8rZWL.jpg][Image: 6O5X4vA.jpg][Image: 6vrpGNq.jpg][Image: 9hNKR1e.jpg][Image: 8oSRWkX.jpg][Image: OZPSlkQ.jpg][Image: Wqqv85E.jpg][Image: PHLnUPL.jpg]

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