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I had this brush for a few years, but used it less than 10 times for that it is too dense for me. I would like to trade it for a Ch2 SiLVERTiP in faux ebony or other high end brushes, eg DG, BkackEagle, the Varlet (27mm or larger) Paladin Ebonite. Please send me a PM if interested.

Thank you,

PS. The last photo is to present the tips when wet

[Image: Zmnjolw.jpg][Image: cOquRx2.jpg][Image: kYK16Tv.jpg][Image: r1cdgcu.jpg]
Beautiful brush. Wish I had what you are looking for to trade.

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Thank you! This brush is indeed one of the best looking Ch2s I have ever experienced.
I would also consider selling it for $267 shipped CONUS. International shipping will be additional $15
Here is a close up to showcase the shape of the knot

[Image: wDlp3Lx.jpg]

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