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Ok Looking to sell my like new Carbon Shaving Brass CX razor (IWO) from the recent release. Because of the brass material used, these were named after ships, hence the name Iwo. It is the (+) plate with .88mm gap and will come with the factory packaging. This is a BEAUTIFUL razor but is just a little too aggressive for my skin. 

I am asking $205 shipped to the US. 

[Image: jtxEkYh.jpg]

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Price drop
Out of curiosity have you used the "-" or original base plates? If so, how are those on your skin?
I don’t think so. I had the most aggressive and then this one.

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Chester County, PA
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I have used all of plates, own them all.  

As far as blade feel they rank as follows:

++ and - are a tie 

As far as efficiency they are as follows:


So if there is too much blade feel with the +, it’s only a - or ++ with less.

My suspicion - the extra weight of brass compared to titanium makes the + feel more aggressive because of the weight.  I base this on these guys… and I also have a few Ti’s and all the baseplates in Ti from Carbon. Copper shaves differently!

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