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I am looking to trade the following items.  I'll link to a current MSRP if possible.

[Image: Sw6lalZ.jpg]

Badger & Blade Omega Blonde Boar - Link (Link is to current Red Glitter brush, Frosted Blue is out of production)

[Image: Y295OQ8.jpg]

Omega 10098 Boar - Link

[Image: psSpfde.jpg]

RazoRock Jaws - Link (Out of Production)

[Image: mdFBNHf.jpg]

Schick Injector (Small crack on handle, shown in picture) and 4 packs of blades (1 blade has been used) - Link

[Image: BsrGAYK.jpg]

iKon Tuckaway Travel Handle - Link

[Image: d6vBai6.jpg]

Razor and Brush Stand - Link

I am mostly looking for Barrister and Mann products, soap or aftershave.  Also would be interested in Fine aftershave and (oddly specific) a 30mm Frank Shaving Finest brush.
Any offer will be considered, so don't hesitate to make an offer.  The worst that could happen is I say I am not interested.  Big Grin  Shoot me a pm with any offers.

Have a Dino-Mite Day.

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