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Making room for some new brushes I recently purchased. These brushes really never made into my rotation and need a new home. Smile

All brushes are in LIKE NEW condition and have been immaculately taken care of. Additionally, they have either been discontinued or out of stock.

Prices include shipping within the US. I will ship international, but shipping will vary based on location.

1) Simpson M6 Manchurian (TSN LE - #80 of 200) - $150 - $135 - SOLD
Knot: 22mm. Loft Height: 48mm. Handle: Horn

[Image: Hj6H8pK.jpg]
[Image: 3akgcYd.jpg]
[Image: Pe5FWAn.jpg]
[Image: GTXj8sP.jpg]
[Image: NTMqHxH.jpg]
[Image: HhJopxL.jpg]

2) Simpson M7 Silvertip  - $225 - $200 - SOLD
Knot: 22mm. Loft Height: 50mm. Handle: Faux Amber

[Image: BIkz4Ah.jpg]
[Image: X7w3wkC.jpg]
[Image: 5mP0cIN.jpg]
[Image: IfAcRgy.jpg]
[Image: ZMb03Rd.jpg]

3) Zenith 506U Manchurian - $70 - $60
Knot: 26mm. Loft Height: 51mm. Handle: Olivewood

[Image: MJSDby8.jpg]
[Image: uRzOre9.jpg]
[Image: wvl0pPg.jpg]
[Image: 7qG1ly0.jpg]
[Image: 2rVL8BD.jpg]

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How are the Zenith tips - soft, scratchy or in between?
Slightly scritchy.
Bump w/ price reductions! Smile
Zenith still available.

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