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BRAND NEW Turn-N-Shave Brushes

Sequence as shown in photos:

  1. SOLD Teal & Copper 28 mm Ftip V3 50 mm loft
  2. SOLD Cherry Smoke 28 mm Ftip V4 50 mm loft
  3. SOLD Sky Smoke     28 mm Ftip V3 50 mm loft
  4. SOLD Blue/Copper/White  28 mm HMW 47 mm loft
  5. Available - Matte White   28 mm Ftip V5 50 mm loft $95 USD

All brushes are brand new and have never seen water.
Shipping to CONUS via USPS or Canada via Canada Post, with tracking number

Price $125 USD each delivered to your door or buy any two for $225 USD on a first come first serve basis

[Image: EXfgVQ6.jpeg][Image: rTIPlfu.jpeg][Image: Hbhj7zf.jpeg][Image: DoU309A.jpeg][Image: 7xZHtjh.jpeg][Image: 015rZi9.jpeg][Image: fR1LfUm.jpeg][Image: OpjyKp2.jpeg][Image: kumI2fy.jpeg][Image: V1Tov0l.jpeg][Image: zlj3ng2.jpeg][Image: xmvhJxr.jpeg]

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Pm’ed you on #4

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I’ll take #2. PM me your payment preference.

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#2 brush is still available. Funds failed to come through.

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I’m still interested in #2. Hadn’t gotten any correspondence.

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Send me a PM. I responded already but something must have gone wrong (Something I did wrong would be more accurate - sorry)

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