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I am liquidating a number of Paladin's from my collection.   All are brand NEW and have never seen water
Descriptions for the seven brushes, pictures follow below.  All come with original authentication cards, as shown in photo below. Original shipping tube available. All prices are in USD, plus shipping.

  1. Available - Ebonite Moby 28mm 2CLNAG $330  Price Drop $290 $270 USD plus FREE shipping
  2. SOLD Chief Purple Haze 26mm 2CLNB6 $120 
  3. SOLD Winston Vesuvius 28mm @CLSH5 $150
  4. SOLD Churchill Graphite 28mm 2CLSH5 $190
  5. SOLD Ebonite PK-47 26mm 2CLNA6 $160
  6. SOLD Buck Rodgers Lemon Drop 28mm 2CLNA6 $180
  7. SOLD Moe Ivory Halloween 2019 28mm 2CLNG6 $180

Shipping to CONUS only. Items will be shipped via Canada Post or via USPS) with tracking number.  
If you are interested, please indicate to the number above of the brush you are interested in.  Thank you!

[Image: 0xcW3e5.jpeg]

[Image: AnLcXCx.jpeg][Image: I2s6hN2.jpeg][Image: kx6MWCl.jpeg][Image: dGtUnjo.jpeg][Image: qzEt3Op.jpeg][Image: tf1rtRN.jpeg][Image: ynQ5Orh.jpeg][Image: CE3y2Ej.jpeg][Image: wMf5oNa.jpeg][Image: h4rE8oR.jpeg][Image: QZlTNAe.jpeg][Image: uuXLdfs.jpeg][Image: fD0k7SS.jpeg][Image: 1zu3Uhd.jpeg]

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