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Received this brush today and to be honest, I am not crazy about the pour. I was hoping for more cream swirled into the red. For the price I paid, I want to be blown away by it. It’s a beautiful brush but not what I was hoping for.

 I paid $405 shipped

How about $370 shipped

[Image: Thk5l8I.jpg][Image: yPKXm6I.jpg]

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That’s a beauty! GLWTS!

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I would rather sell but may consider high end trades. Please don’t be offended if I politely decline.

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Nice brush, it looks like the cream settled on the bottom a bit too much.

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I agree DinoJD. Not quite what I was hoping to receive.

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Actually, find it quite fetching. GLWS

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I have a B3 Klaus in the Washington style that has more cream in the body of the handle if you are interested in trading?
I was only interested in the Jefferson, sorry.
I'd be disappointed too if I received that for that price. But don't worry, someone from the Declaration cult will take it off your hands.

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Ohhhh, she’s a beauty Steve! I love how the cream pooled at the bottom, stunner! Someone is getting a great brush!

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