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BRAND NEW Wolf Whiskers Custom Brushes.  Unique, collectable pieces.  They have never seen water, they were in a display cabinet.  

  1. Fransisco (Large Version).  Handle Length: 65mm; Loft 51 mm; 28 mm Maggards 2-band SHD; Price $255 $235 USD
  2. Odyssey (Large Version ) Handle Length: 70 mm; Loft 50 mm; 28 mm Maggards Fan 2- Band SHD; Price $255 $235 USD

  3. SOLD - DWW-3 Handle Length 70mm; Loft 55mm; 29mm Rhodium Knot; Price $325 USD
  4. SOLD - Sofia Handle Length 70 mm; Loft 55 mm; 28mm Rhodium Knot; Price $325 USD

  5. SOLD Poseidon Lair. Handle Length 58mm; Loft: 50mm; 28mm Mozingo ZT2; Price [s]$325 $300 USD[/s]
  6. Interroband (Large Version); Handle Length: 70mm; Loft 55mm; 30mm Declaration Grooming B7; Price $395 $355 USD

Shipping to CONUS vis USPS and Canada via Canada Post with tracking number.  Prices Include FREE Shipping.

[Image: LI3zAeE.jpeg][Image: A9tKeAY.jpeg][Image: HtjRekK.jpeg][Image: c3Tmmy3.jpeg][Image: HyMU9nI.jpeg][Image: 2luvO4U.jpeg][Image: 4hUoh5w.jpeg][Image: dBXwGUh.jpeg][Image: 8TvLtWL.jpeg][Image: dj4qRO1.jpeg][Image: UDBIvwY.jpeg][Image: D8wIvpi.jpeg][Image: VslMz8I.jpeg][Image: eU0nC78.jpeg][Image: nQdOkDY.jpeg][Image: PlZ18XI.jpeg][Image: vguIATa.jpeg][Image: cL9FtjO.jpeg][Image: DlNIV5Q.jpeg][Image: yJnTqqU.jpeg]

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Williamsburg, KY
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Byron is a Great Member and Trusted Seller to transact with. If you are responsive and follow thru you will be thoroughly pleased as I have been on multiple purchases.

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Very trusted member no one has the quality and unused brushes available.  Very happy with the ones I have bought.


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