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Brand New brushes that have never seen water.  They were in a display cabinet.

  1. Barrister - 3-band Super Bulb 28mm.   Lapis Lazuli (top)/Antique Ivory (bottom) Price $195 USD
  2. Gus - Select Badger Bulb 28mm.   Amber Price $185 USD
  3. SOLD  Knight - 3-band Super Badger Bulb 28mm.   Malachite/English Butterscotch  Price $195 USD

Prices include free delivery to your door with tracking number. 
Ship via USPS for CONUS or Canada Post for Canada. 
Original box available. 
Payment via PayPal
[Image: GFqniCY.jpeg][Image: 45bijVa.jpeg][Image: Gyrlpp3.jpeg][Image: k5ZygVD.jpeg][Image: JcLAoXT.jpeg][Image: AUzZ8ks.jpeg][Image: DUNSKFd.jpeg][Image: pAZlDnY.jpeg]

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Great brushes from a great member buy with complete confidence GLWTS

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