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Selling my Blackland Tradere razors

Open comb used twice and has been in storage
Comes with original packaging
$300 shipped conus only

Solid bar has never been used and has been in storage
Comes with original packaging 
$300 shipped conus only
**Solid bar is SOLD**

Payment via PayPal G&S
Shipping is included
Conus only please

Thank you
[Image: TBnBIj4.jpeg][Image: C8GIAiv.jpeg][Image: dolt1m4.jpeg][Image: jLLp4B9.jpeg]

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Both razors are still available. Asking price drop to $290 each shipped. Thanks.
Solid bar is sold. Open comb still available. Thanks.
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Asking price drop to $280.00 on open comb.

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