Mexico City
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Good day folks! up for trade is LE Black Eagle 25mm HT2 in the African Purple Jewel/Flower in the Lion shape.

Knot is really soft, with good splay and tons of density, i prefer higher lofted brushes and this one comes at 47.5mm which makes the brush have a little bit more backbone that i prefer.

Mostly interested in another HT BE, full Declaration brushes(with the exception of B6, B9(A,A+ or B), B11, B12 or B13) or other hand tied brushes.

Not interested in Tur-N-Shave M knots or Rhodium.

Thanks for looking!

[Image: aossKub.jpg][Image: zdBWyW3.jpg][Image: TdrvPdI.jpg][Image: 7ktDjSB.jpg][Image: CvibUqh.jpg][Image: ci2HUO1.jpg][Image: Vk8y4uL.jpg][Image: hDnWPu4.jpg][Image: CiKSym3.jpg]

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