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Hope everyone is doing well!
I'm looking to trade and possibly sell a Brand New never used 28mm HT2 Black Eagle Buffalo with black resin, yellow lettering. Looking for other BE's, rare Declarations or Wiborg. Please PM me with any questions

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PM sent

Living on the edge
That looks sick!
Why would would you go through so much trouble to get one
and not even use it once?
You don't have to answer I just had to get that out of my system.

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Trade you a goldmember b6 for it.

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Gorgeous brush. A "Keeper" in my opinion.

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Typically not a fan of BE due to loud colourations seen but that IS stunning
Very nice!!

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The brush is no longer available. Thank you DFS and I apologize to everyone who I couldn't get back to. I was bombarded with messages and couldn't respond to them all.

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