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Hello!  I hope that everyone is well on this fine summer day!

Today I would like to list a very rare and special Japanese Natural Whetstone with Karasu (crow) patterning in a fitted wooden stand.  It is sealed on the sides, and lapped flat on the top and bottom.  The top is the primary honing surface, and it is just a delight to see and use!

This is a hard stone that easily can handle a full nagura progression, and puts a laser sharp ridiculously smooth fine edge on a straight razor.  It feels wonderful under the blade!

I assess this stone to be a 5 in hardness, a 5 in cutting speed, and a 5/5+ in fineness.  This is a top tier stone!

If you have been waiting for big high quality JNAT that is tested, tried, and true…with no guess work…this is the stone for you!

I would like to get $525 via PayPal GS shipped/insured in the USA via USPS…this price also includes any PayPal fees, and I will include a lilttle Tomo Nagura as an added bonus!

Thanks for looking, and please let me know if there are any questions!



[Image: OBTIX5p.jpg][Image: 1GSkr9R.jpg][Image: nGzzd64.jpg][Image: HxfUoQO.jpg]

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That is glorious

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Thanks Dan!  It works as well as it looks!

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Hi Gents! I am going to do one price drop on this beautiful stone! I cannot do better than this…

$490 shipped via USPS with PayPal GS fee included!



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Ha!  Alright gents!  I will try $445 shipped in order to avoid having to sell this beauty on eBay!  Have a great week!



The Karasu has sold!  Thanks to the new owner, and DFS!



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