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This is kinda rushed, but I will be visiting the US in a few days and would like to sell some stuff. It would be shipped out early next week (from Seattle), but I can only bring items that have been paid for within the next 36hrs of this posting. If they don't sell, oh well, but I just don't reach for this stuff.  

CONUS shipping included. PP or Zelle.    

1. B&M Lavanille set (~70%) - $25  
[Image: pDzKhqE.jpg]

2. B&M Cool set (used 2x) - $30  
[Image: DSpNEQq.jpg]

3. DG Sellout set (~90%) - $30  
[Image: D9pNo7j.jpg]

4. Stirling Baker Street set (used 2x) - $20 
[Image: XRh8v8h.jpg]

5. DG 24mm B5 in Dogwood resin handle - $200 
[Image: XmiuSHg.jpg]
[Image: EYQQciU.jpg]

6. *SOLD* Timeless Aluminum (no box) - $30 
[Image: EAu6gbV.jpg]
[Image: RO6UHSx.jpg]

7. *SOLD* Timeless Ti 95 - $110 (a couple small cosmetic imperfections, see pics)
[Image: 6Os5kja.jpg]
[Image: SS4X2Xb.jpg]

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