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I am looking to trade the soaps below:

B&M 42 - lathered 2 times

B&M Vanille - 85% remaining. This was a special batch Will made a few months ago for a small group of 14 I believe. Due to the cost of real vanilla he had to charge $40 per jar. There is also no label on it due to how small the batch was, which didn't meet the minimum for having new labels made.

B&M Latha Oceana - new/unused

Truefitt & Hill Sandalwood shaving cream used 2 times, removed with utensil

I am interested in acquiring the products below, new or lightly used, with a higher preference for new:

PAA 3.0 soap or aftershave
Crown King 3.0 soap of aftershave
Saponificio Varesino
Tabula Rasa
Dr Jon's
Dapper Dragon
Sapone Di Paolo

[Image: xSJMECQ.jpg]
[Image: wBBkpEV.jpg]
[Image: aoXFUc6.jpg]
[Image: RgtfmnY.jpg]
Ooo that Vanille......

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No doubt. Would love to even have the chance to smell that Vanille....

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If you still have 42, I can offer you a jar of Phoenix artisan "Amber". Used about 3 times and it is the 3.0 formula
42 and Vanille are gone. Latha I will keep, so Truefitt & Hill is all that remains. I guess T&H isn't as popular as it used to be because nobody has even asked about it. It's an amazing sandalwood scent imo but I do not like using creams.

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