Trotter Handcrafts
Bellingham, Washington USA
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Excellent condition. Includes a Stainless WCS handle that matches up nicely

$79 firm and I will be happy to cover shipping


[Image: 91e3be9bef6d580c86b5edf5591d3e6d.jpg]
[Image: 7e67370c32480c0e5cfc1670216ae2bb.jpg]
[Image: 0cabb89884d2dde071dfcbea9cde7038.jpg]
[Image: a640764064943363f84ae1975c624695.jpg]
[Image: 74ae34f34a1050d96399eda8cc0aaa98.jpg]
[Image: 8355237c7293787f34365204cbfd4fd9.jpg]
[Image: d55689d8f4d7dbcd71583a46d634d55f.jpg]
[Image: b6e3ed47833da1ffa2ed910582cb54a1.jpg]

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Trotter Handcrafts
Bellingham, Washington USA
Still available.

I would consider a trade for an Elite Razor Brush, or maybe other nice brushes


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