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These are great shavers, however I have decided to move them.

1. Asylum McMurphy 17-4 Machine Finish

There were a very limited number of Asylum McMurphy in machine finish. Essentially Phil at Bullgoose held back some razors and did not send them to be polished. The original razor had sharp edges which caused surprises when shaving and so I sanded the edges to round out the areas that caused discomfort. The razor is an excellent shaver. I am letting it go only because I reach for my polished version more. Not having a Paradigm 17-4, I don’t know how close the shave is compared to that, however is shaves very similar to my Paradigm Ti2, which has the same head design as the 17-4. Selling for $250 $240 including shipping and PP fees.

Also willing to trade for Asylum RX

[Image: EA8BBCe.jpg]
[Image: xiegvYH.jpg]
[Image: 1drfqOu.jpg]

2. Tedalus Essence Razor SOLD

I got this razor when it first came out. It is practically brand new and I shaved with it only a couple of  times. It is from a company in  Switzerland and the blade assembly is CNC stainless steel and the handle is machined aluminum. The razor and extremely well built and balanced. It will take a Feather AC, Schick Injector, or half DE blade. The sides of the blade area is held together by magnets and it is the closest thing to shaving with a straight razor. I just find myself reaching for my Feather DX more. Current price is $350 + shipping from Switzerland. Selling for $300 including shipping and PP fees.

[Image: 1z29fnW.jpg]
[Image: ulxKQj3.jpg]

Send me a PM for any questions.

CONUS only shipping. PayPal only.

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Essence sold
Price drop on Asylum

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Now willing to trade for Asylum RX.

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