Raleigh, NC
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Letting go of this Alpha Shaving Claymore Evolution SE razor. Only used a couple of times. Really smooth and efficient shaver, honestly one of the nicest finished razors I’ve seen as well. I’m selling because I find it a bit redundant with the RR Hawk V3 (they don’t have the same face feel but handle similarly due to head design), and the design of the Claymore Baseplates does not allow me to use my favored titanium handle. The stock handle provides awesome grip and balance, but I prefer lighter razors and it’s just a bit heavier than I like in the standard configuration (114g total weight). MSRP for razor and stand is $180, I got this on pre-order for $150 so selling for $150 shipped and insured.  Includes a pack of Schick Proline P-30 blades (29 left in pack).

**Kai Captain Mild and Protouch MG blades do fit this razor but you have to have the blade perfectly aligned due to tight tolerances. I had no issues removing them post shave. I have also test fitted with Feather Professional and Schick Proline without issues.

[Image: si8SoXe.jpg]

[Image: 06LAzLU.jpg]

[Image: 0M4aari.jpg]

[Image: 6XGDo2l.jpg]

[Image: rEdSyb1.jpg]

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Raleigh, NC
Still available.  Also throwing in a pack a Schick Proline (P-30) blades.  There are 29 blades left in the pack.

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