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I just received this gorgeous brush directly from Paladin. It cost me $190 delivered. It was washed, combed, and lathered once. 

The knot is perfect - well shaped, strong backbone with healthy scrub. The handle is simply beautiful. Unfortunately, this is the second Paladin’s shape that does not seat well in my hand, the other one being Polo.

I would like to trade my 26mm Lotus for another Paladin brush in mint condition, preferably Chief, L7, PK 47, or 2XL. Send me a PM if interested.

Thank you,

[Image: l8tPcCd.jpg][Image: UFsQuW9.jpg][Image: t1EHodv.jpg][Image: f9N1XPN.jpg][Image: caP6xA9.jpg]

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Traded! Thank you DFS and fellow DFShaver

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