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I am still doing some den clearing as I shift away from expensive brushes (if you can believe that) and gear. 
These 3 brushes are like new. The two M&F brushes have two uses on them each and were ordered when Brad closed out M&F custom orders.

Wald A1 29mm fan in Goldvein colorway. $240 shipped. SOLD

The two M&F brushes are Heritage II Victory 61mm tall handles with 26mm knots. I don’t have the shipping tubes but can provide the order/brush data. These were $345 brushes each. I am asking $250 shipped for each.

[Image: 19tjDNm.jpg][Image: gGYWp91.jpg][Image: veSMOkZ.jpg]

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The M&F brushes are still available with a new price drop.

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