Chester County, PA
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For sale or trade, 2 A&E Soaps (Cherry Pie and Apricity) and 1 Cella Red Soap.  This is for the whole lot of 3 soaps.

A&E was brush loaded.  I would estimate more than 50% remaining of the Apricity, 80% of the Cherry Pie.  

There was one small scoop (almond size) of Cella taken with a spoon, so 98%+

Asking 20 USD for all 3 as the package will weigh 1.5 lbs so we are looking at 10 dollars to ship.  

Would trade for B&M omnibus Bay Rum, Stirling fruit/menthol scents, sandalwood, Campiana, Caties bubbles bay rum scent Barnegat Bay, 60 feather DE blades, 50 KAI DE Blades, TOBS Sandalwood, Proraso Cream Azure Lime and Sandalwood, etc. 

Basically I would expect a trade to be close to fair as I have prices this very inexpensively. 

CONUS only.  


Update: traded A&E so only Cella remains. Would sell for 10 dollars. 

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