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For Sale:  One (1) Square Root~Pascal (√P) CS .93 Safety Razor, with a Charcoal Goods 3" Stainless Steel Hammered Handle.
More about the razor can be found on his Facebook page.  You'll have to copy and paste; I couldn't get a link to it.


In my opinion this razor is about halfway between the Weber and the Nodachi for efficiency.  Truly a Damn Fine Shaver.

The razor costs $35 when available, but is currently out of stock.  This one has been used a few times, but shows no signs of wear.
The handle costs $80 + tax & shipping, and is currently in stock.  The razor head weighs 30g, and the handle weighs 50g, total 80g.

I'm asking $90 shipped CONUS for this combo.  Please PM me if you are interested or have any further questions.  Thank you.

[Image: vuS6Llx.jpg][Image: E6d3Sfc.jpg][Image: vjhPyOB.jpg][Image: jWaLJsg.jpg]

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