So I have a beat up razor finish wise that I want to clean/sanitize. What is your method for doing so? I have read a million different ways to do it. From boiling water to the dishwasher (Neither of these would be my choice).


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Your question is just going to dig up those same "million ways", so take your pick. I think the subject is over thought to a fare thee well!

Consider that good old bar soap cleans and kills most bacteria that you're likely to encounter. If you want to go a step beyond, but stick to common and easily acquired materials, just finish up a soap and toothbrush session with a dip in 91% isopropyl alcohol. If Isopropanol is good enough for the girl to wipe over the spot where she drew your blood, it's good enough to sterilize your razor.

Of course, if your razor is really grungy, it might need some real chemical treatment which I leave to the pros who do it for a living.

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Does Mean I Must Buy High End Shaving Gear?

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Scrubbing Bubbles (or the Wal-Mart/Dollar Store equivalent) and a toothbrush will clean and sanitize. Spray on the Scrubbing Bubbles, let sit for several minutes, scrub with a toothbrush, rinse under running water, dry with a clean towel. That should be fine for most razor cleaning jobs.

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I use hot tap water and dish soap with a soft toothbrush first. Then I go with Scrubbing Bubbles in the non-aerosol spray bottle and the same soft toothbrush.

If that doesn't get it clean enough, I will actually pour enough of the Scrubbing Bubbles into a mug that I can soak half of the razor(or more) overnight, or even a couple days, THEN use the soft toothbrush to get the nooks and crannies.

I avoid polishes because they can be abrasive and cause damage to the plating, but when the razor is clean, if it needs a little shine, I will use some Never-Dull wadding polish to boost the shine just a touch...

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Chris and Freddy's suggestions are what I would do. Shy

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Before shots. This thing is pretty rough, but we'll see what I can do. Thanks for the responses, and now, my $30 fatboy lol

[Image: f5HxfKW.jpg]

[Image: Bj4pM6V.jpg]

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Unless there is a ton of scum and plate loss behind those closed doors, you're going to have no trouble cleaning that thing up, in my opinion. Looks pretty clean, to be honest...

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I suggest applying a coat of a gentle, mildly abrasive metal polish such as Flitz or Maas and buff using a microfiber cloth.

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Well here is 20 minutes with dish soap, scrubbing bubbles and a toothbrush. Just as I thought the plating on the handle is pretty bad, but the head looks pretty good. Mechanically it works great and it even came with a BLADE IN IT. Sick Good thing I looked and didn't just grab it.

[Image: ZBOx5wG.jpg]

[Image: brYSOUI.jpg]

[Image: cPb69XS.jpg]

[Image: OWdumQ2.jpg]

Now......Delta Echo or a replate? First world problems lol.

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That looks like an ideal candidate for a replate. I had Chris at RazorPlate.com do my fatboy and an aristocrat - he does a great job. I posted before and after pictures on DFS, I'll try to find them in give you a link.

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