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A man-eating tiger was killed in India recently, after allegedly killing 13 people over 2 years and eluding many attempts at capture.

"The break may have come from a surprise source: a bottle of Obsession cologne. Obsession (a popular men’s fragrance in the 1990s by Calvin Klein) contains civetone, a compound originally derived from the scent glands of a civet. In areas where it’s been sprayed, cats take huge sniffs and roll around in it for several minutes. Last month, the Indian rangers squirted some Obsession on bushes here and there, hoping to draw the tiger out. On Friday afternoon, the rangers sprayed some Obsession and tiger urine in an area where she was believed to be hiding."

I have Obsession aftershave in my regular rotation. I guess I should watch out for tigers... and cougars?

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John, you always finding some very interesting stories. Big Grin

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Love, Laughter & Shaving  Heart

Cougars, lol.
- Jeff
Wasn't that the Liz Taylor colone? In a purple bottle right?
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True irony

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John. You crack me up.

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I saw the picture of the tiger (deceased) in the news. That was one big kitty. So I guess you should think about the cologne you put on if you're going in to tiger country. I wonder if mountain lions would be attracted to that too? I doubt I'll ever run in to a tiger but a mountain lion is a possibility.

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I'm not sure how many tigers you'll find in Seattle.  Cougars.  You should definitely beware of cougars, John! Wink

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