Wife loves cinnamon scented anything. Anybody know of a soap that would help me out on this?

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I do not know how much help this is go to this Google page.


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Tiki Bar Pumpkin Lager has a strong cinnamon scent. It says its malted pumpkin and vanilla, but I get more cinnamon than anything else. Could be just me...

Performance is really good, so, that's a bonus...
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Much appreciated. Thank you

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Soap makers need to be careful with cinnamon oils as even a very small amount can cause skin irritation and reactions in some people.

Haven't tried it but last week while I was looking through Dapper Dragon's offerings, I noticed he has one called 'Cinnamon Bun', "a robust cinnamon scent, with smooth vanilla and a hint of sugar and butter. It evokes the smell of the sticky breakfast food very well."
link: https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/18987663...n-cinnamon

Sounds yummy! Eating soap is not, of course, advised.

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I tend to react to Cinammon so stay away from soaps with it in.

However I have tried Maggards Chai Tea which was nice but it lit up my face like a Christmas tree.
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Although they aren't around any longer I found Strop Shoppes Russian Tea to have a Cinnamon scent. Maybe you could post a WTB in the selling and trading forum.

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If you can convince someone to part with the DFS LE soap [Barrister_N_Mann] it has cinnamon along with apple, clove, oak and berries. Quite nice...

Mystic Water also has Brown Windsor, Orange Spice Tea and Pumpkin Spice.

Mason Boutique has Vivian, which I have tried in sample form. It is a more complex scent that includes cinnamon but the cinnamon is not dominant- great combination though!

Dr. Jon's Hex another with notes of cinnamon.

Good luck!

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Reef Point's dragon's blood soap seems to have a strong cinnamon note.
The PAA Pumpkin is spicier than the Tiki one (not just cinnamon). TFS has Mandarino e Spezie (which is red hots candy meets Christmas). TFS also has Cannella Arancio , which is straight up red hots to my nose. Jabonman has a lime cinnamon, but I have never sniffed it. Oliver’s Reserve: Fall Spirit Shave Soap from Jacob Ray Razors is out of stock.

I got Brown Windsor from 1 company, do not remember if it was the Mystic water version, but it did not make me think "cinnamon."

I was not a big fan of the Maison Boutique soaps I tried, if my memory serves.

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