As usual in the PhilNH5  household we received some pen related gifts.

From the Left:
ML's gifts.
Schaeffer Ballpoint (Free gift from Goldspot Pens)
Akkerman Passage Bluaw ink
Bexely Demeter Fountain pen

Phil's gifts.
Diamine Shimmer Ink
Basildon Bond Paper. This is my all time favorite paper and it is very hard to come by in the US. ML ordered it from Amazon.UK
Cursive Logic Writing Course
[Image: vVkXZHY.jpg]

The Akkerman ink was purchased from Anderson Pens. Excellent service and shipping.
Freddy made us aware of this ink and the ingenious bottle. You tilt the bottle to transfer ink to the upper part. The glass ball visible in the picture keeps the ink in the upper portion and you can insert your nib to fill your pen.
[Image: 3JHZpKQ.jpg]

The Bexley Demeter was ordered from Goldspot pens. I ordered on Sunday and had the pen on Monday. Amazing. Great company to do business with.
This is an extremely light pen. Surprisingly so for it's size. The pen screws to open/close.
[Image: lNZgoNN.jpg]

I selected the medium (gold plated stainless steel) nib for ML. Posting the cap is by friction fit.
[Image: cuIm2AQ.jpg]

This is ML testing the pen and the Akkerman ink.
[Image: tWPIkph.jpg]

The pen writes incredibly. It is hands down the best writing pen I have ever tried.
The ink is great to. Easy flowing but no smearing.
[Image: ldHRHLb.jpg]

This is the red shimmer ink. I have a few of these. They have metal fines in the ink and on paper the text captures and reflects light for a nice effect.
[Image: ru2uZQC.jpg]

The Cursive Logic is designed to teach cursive writing to youngsters since most schools no longer do. The hope is that by practicing in this book my poor penmanship will improve Smile
[Image: X0vHVJY.jpg]

Hope everyone had a good Christmas.


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Des Moines, IA
Ah. Pen, ink and paper. What wonderful gifts. And, congrats on seeking to improve your penmanship.

Cursive writing is fast becoming a lost skill.

BTW, for smooth writing, I find few that best a Pelikan. Wink

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San Diego, Cal., USA
Great gifts, Phil. Yes, I am a fan of the Akkerman inks and now own three.

Nashville, TN
Very, very nice! I love the blue/black material in the barrel and cap of the pen.

MaxP , Freddy and Pete123
Thanks for the kind replies.

Freddy- I purchased it for ML mostly for the unique bottle. But the ink performs remarkably well.

Pete123 - It is a beautiful pen, Much more so than my photos capture.

"I find few that best a Pelikan.  Wink"
I have 2 Pelikans. The Bexley beats anything in our stable.

ML received another pen gift yesterday.

A Lamy gift set.
[Image: zqdWsCJ.jpg]

It comes with the pen, 6 cartridges, a converter and a bottle of ink.
[Image: BFEAoCv.jpg]

The pen is lightweight. the cap closes and posts via friction fit.
[Image: cPlJ1ov.jpg]

The ink bottle has an attached roll of blotting paper.
[Image: cBsyDer.jpg]
[Image: bs4ssQj.jpg]

It is a great starter kit and available in other colors.
It was a well thought and much appreciated gift.

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