Hey guys, want to feel a little more Christmas-y? I've got a new article up on Sharpologist. a round-up of great artisan soaps that'll make you smell like a Christmas tree:


I cover offerings from Mike's Natural, Mickey Lee Soapworks, Barrister & Mann and Stirling.

Please check it out!

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Nice article, Chuck. Happy2

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I know it's not a shave soap, but Queen Charlotte makes a bath soap called "southern pine" that smells just like a christmas tree. It's one of my favorites
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That's a good article. I have Ozark Mountain and like it too but it doesn't remind me of a Christmas tree. I get what smells like being in the wilderness on a wet and rainy day.

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I would add Mystic Water Poggio dei Pini to that list as well.
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I read the article and it is very good, I love Xmas time and part of the reason for this is all the different aromas that seem to come out of nowhere when out and about.

I would Also recommend Soap Commanders Resolution. It reminds me of they only time I can get the whole family to walk the dogs with me...Xmas day.

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RR "Christmas in Tuscany" is still one of my all time favorite scents. Smells like Christmas cookies and baking.

I'm not one for the smell of wood scented soaps, unless I'm smoking meat.

Funny though, I love the smell of "He Wood Rocky Mountain Wood" edt by Dsquared2

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my wife told me that I smell too much like a Christmas tree after using B&M Taiga so I had to sell it. I did like the smell of it, but after wearing it, I'm not so sure.

I just recently bought ozark mountain from stirling..to me it smells like a nice irish spring soap.

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No longer available, I have about 1/2 a tub left on careful rationing: QED Pine and Cedarwood.

Great evergreen scent!

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