I love this time of the year. My wife even more. This morning we were sipping tea enjoying the fire and the decorations.
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We had Christmas music playing. Three local radio stations and the right satellite radio station  have been playing exclusively Christmas music since the week of Thanksgiving. And we have been listening.

My favorite Christmas song of ALL time is Carol of the Bells.

The instrumental versions are good but the ones with vocals are just beautiful. The posted youtube vid is perfect. Though my favorite version is any time my wife sings it. Just beautiful!

My favorite "contemporary" song is Christmas Wrappings by the Waitresses. A snappy upbeat ballad of the hectic time of Christmas.

My favorite "religious" version is Mary's Boy Child by Boney M. It is a  song from 1978 and a 1981 album but I only recently heard it on the radio. The group were all Jamaican born singers. The song has a decided island bent. but it captures what Christmas is all about. Give it a listen - all the way to the end.

So how about you? what are some of your favorite Christmas songs?


Southern Ohio
I had on Christmas music while working in the shop this werkend. Aside from the traditional music - Nat King Cole's music I like the Chicago Christmas album. It has a mix of both religious and non religious songs.

I also really enjoy Handel's Messiah.

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I love listening to Trans-Siberia Orchestra. one year I'll actually make it to one of their concerts...
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