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I love setting this up every year and the fact it’s become a tradition for so many folks to come see it makes it worthwhile. I’ll confess there are many weekend nights I sit in the dark in my recliner after everyone has gone to bed cold beer in hand and just watchthe lights Smile


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Very nice.

You have that "Tune to..." sign. What do the visitors hear?

A pole barn plus 2 garages. I'm envious. Smile
PhilNH5 Phil the lights blink/move to Christmas music this year's selections are Carol of the Bells off Home Alone and the theme from the Polar Express...

Built the pole Barn two years ago because when we got our Camper at the same time I didn't want to leave it outside... not for what I have invested in it... and having the room to store the Camper and a vehicle and the ATV's in one spot has been nice... and of course Christmas light storage Smile

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