This surprised me.........somewhat.  Dodgy


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Another product I can cross off my list.

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(05-05-2020, 01:36 AM)stuartganis74 Wrote: Another product I can cross off my list. 

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Funny you said that.  We were looking online at comforters today, she kept throwing out the prices at me. I told her, go into my wallet, take my personal fun card and purchase anything made here by artisans in our country with materials sourced here as well. We went with Made in Michigan by a company called Down Inc. Very happy and I’m much more vigilant with my purchases.[url=www.downinc.com][/url]

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I don't know if shaving cream or comforters are tariff items. If they are, congrats on avoiding the tariff tax!

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I hope this doesn't affect the quality of their products?

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Although I no longer use any of Proraso's soaps, stopped 3 yrs ago as the clean up of soap scum was just way too much, but I still use the green splash as I just love the scent and feel its one of the best Barbershop scents available. I guess I should probably stock up on a good supply of it while the current formula is available in case there is a change in the near future.

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Others may do as they will but Under no circumstances will I ever buy nor use any Proraso branded nor owned/licensed product ever again. Betrayal of Western Civilization for profit should carry a high price (such as bankruptcy If not death).

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Well, Proraso has not been and now will never be in my rotation.

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what about the politicians and corporations and sports leagues and movie companies that lower their ideals of freedom so they can suck on the warm mammary gland of china.

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Some are starting to veer off into the "rough" here on politics and admittedly it's hard not to on this topic as well as with what we're going through now. We should tread lightly here out of respect for the moderators.

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