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“CHEL is EXACTLY what the shaving scene needs and will be a must for menthol-heads everywhere. This gives the user the ability to control the level of cold in their shave. Want the creeping cold from synthetic menthol in your favorite soap or aftershave? Maybe you want a nice cold preshave that persists throughout your morning routine? CHEL is the answer! This has far surpassed what I thought it could do, and I’ve incorporated it into my routine daily as the product has so much flexibility. Best part? NO MENTHOL SCENT!”

~ Tim Tillock, The Shaving Tulsan

What is CHEL?

CHEL is a multi purpose cooling agent. Meaning, it has a multitude of uses when it comes to creating a super chilling shave! CHEL contains Frescolat ML, an unscented form of "synthetic menthol", It sensates, and is both cooling and refreshing. Being scent free, CHEL will not clash with any scent, so the soap combinations are endless without compromising the scents you love! (No more tears!)

Use as a preshave gel. Gently rub into area about to be shaved and allow to sit for 1-2 minutes before applying shaving soap on top. Shave as usual, no need to reapply in between passes.

Add to shave soap. Before you load your brush off the puck, add a dollop of CHEL then load as usual.

Add to post shave balm. Squirt half the amount of aftershave balm or Star Jelly in your hand that you typically apply. Add equal part CHEL and rub together in hands. Apply as usual. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and warm water after.

Get Creative!

There are many ways to use CHEL and we encourage you to experiment and share your results! Depending on how much you use, CHEL can be a light dusting of cool to down right prickly cold, so start lite and slowly increase the amount when experimenting.

Different than traditional Menthol

It's true, where menthol is a cooling, immediate blast, CHEL sneaks up on you! A much different sensation and what I find to be a longer lasting feeling after the shave. 

Try Something Different ~ Phoenix Shaving

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