Hey guys

I love old shave classics such as la toja, lea, tabac ect ect....

I was wondering which shops or pharmacies in the states stock all classics?
Ive found some as walmart and walgreens so far.

Just picked up some La toja aftershave gel for $9 bucks on sale....

Going to check out costco today as well.

Any recommendations? I live in Las Vegas.
None really in WA that I know of. If you are in NYC it's a different story.

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(03-06-2018, 06:14 AM)EFDan Wrote: None really in WA that I know of.  If you are in NYC it's a different story.

Frankly, Amazon is probably your best source. Occasionally, eBay. Otherwise BST sites.

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Thanks guys. I did an ebay and amazon order

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Got some arko and derby stick...arko aftershave and a few other things. Very cheap and all work very well for me.

The only well-reviewed products I ever see in stores are the Pacific Shaving Company (in Meijer & I think Rite Aid) and Kiss My Face (in lots of natural food stores & upscale supermarkets) creams, and very occasionally a Nivea balm. Never tried Kiss My Face, though it's the only one I reliably see, but I think it gets good reviews on Sharpologist. Seems pretty cheap for the amount you get, too.

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I'm able to reliably find all the Nivea and Proraso products I want at Shoppers Drug Mart. Sometimes Pacific Shaving stuff.
I wish I knew somebody still needs that stuff - I just threw all "Classic" stuff to the dumpster.
I started wet shaving just recently an began experimenting - essentially buying all shave-related stuff non-stop, including Floid, Bay Rum, Speik Splash and Old Spice. Just after the very first time my wife commented that those smells vividly reminded her old people smell from her pre-teens years which happened to be not in this century. I realized that these "classic" splashes are divorseable offence and did not delay dumping them.
Bottom point: be aware!

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About La Toja, classic, just the name.

Its original recipe changed from tallow to vegan but keeps "Mineral salts" . They can cause allergy issues to some people, for example, me.
In fact is no longer made in Spain but in Poland.
About finding it in US, cannot help you but it think is not worth paying more than 5$ per stick.

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