Any one gave this aftershave a try. How is the scent and face feel of this aftershave . Thanks and God Bless.
The scent is nice, to me it's got a soft citrus vibe but with some earthiness below. Definitely has a "lighter" profile than some of their other scents.
I only have the salve so I can't comment on the face feel of the splash, but I imagine it will be the same as their other AS's if you've used any of those.

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Its one of my favourites, really excellent in my opinion. Its the closest thing Shawn does to a barbershop scent , light, fresh citrus really nice. I think you should get it. I haven't heard anyone say anything negative about it.

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I don't really like citrus, so to me the scent was 'meh'. But as far as the aftershave splash formula itself, it's one of the best. For an alcohol based splash it can't really be beat in terms of skin conditioning and post shave feel.
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I have the fourth & pine toner and enjoy it. I'm not sure which ingredient it is, but something in I believe both the salves and toners makes me cheeks red after using it. it doesn't hurt or burn or anything, so I still use it.
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