Don’t want to start a war here... just curious on opinions of Charcoals Level 2 brass head vs. Timeless 95 gap. I have a Timeless 95 with scalloped safety bar and I find smooth and nicely efficient and it never feels like it has edge-of-Blade chatter against the grain .

I’m curious how people feel the Chacoal lvl 2 compares in smooothness and efficiency.
I like both. The charcoal goods has a little more blade feel and is very smooth. The Timeless is probably the smoothest razor I’ve used, but I think I like the charcoal goods a little more.

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One more vote for the CG Lvl 2.

Both T95 and CG2 will get you a smooth, efficient shave but the journey with both couldn't be more different.

Sounds flakey but, for me, the CG just has loads more soul and character ...the T95 is a bit like arnold schwarzenegger:
a terminator.

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I have a .68 OC Timeless and Level 2 SB and prefer the Charcoal Goods for smoothness and it is efficient

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While the Timeless 95 is a great shaver and maybe a little more efficient than the L2, it's head is big and bulky. For that reason alone, I'd take the L2. I enjoy more efficient razors, as a whole, but in the CG line, the L2 was much better to me than the L3.

I'd take a brass L2 over a T95 any day.

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I have both and also prefer the CG

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I shave quite often with the Charcoal Goods Level 3 SB which I find more comparable to the Timeless 95; the former being more efficient and 'smoother', for me.
I find the CG Level 2 equates more with the Timeless 68.
Having said all of this, I much prefer the Charcoal Goods razors, specifically, the Level 3.

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