Gatineau, QC, Canada
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Here is my smooth Shaver Brass Charcoal Goods Level 1  Happy2 Love it shaves very smooth and perfect balance with stinger handle something I was looking for quite some time..

The way Brian design this CG Level 1 head and top cap wow next to none, I’m truly impressed..

Another great collectible addition to Den Happy2

Regarding Patina on my CG well I’ll just let it get it’s natural patina do it’s thing, for now I’ll enjoy this nice brass shine on it.


Alan H 

[Image: RzRiLQg.jpg][Image: hGby4rB.jpg][Image: 77eBrcP.jpg][Image: V4VkJKZ.jpg][Image: YCIl3jb.jpg][Image: S50lrwQ.jpg]Lastly Matching Paladin Brush Hive 6 Happy2[Image: 0UbfGrn.jpg][Image: LXdKeif.jpg]

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