Bobby Mac
Has anyone used a razor from Charcoal Goods? Their razors look pretty nice and I was thinking of getting one but wanted to see if anyone has had any experiences with their razors first.
I haven't but I've been watching for a while. He's doing some really cool 3D printed brass razors. Getting interesting. And his hammered handles look sweet!
Need to see a link to it, but I have never used one.

Bobby Mac
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and the hammered ones are the ones that I am looking at as well
Consider inviting him to discuss his process on DFS. Sounds interesting to many.

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I have admired his handles/razors on Etsy, but I've hesitated to invest in one until seeing some reviews.

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here's another thread on these razors with more information: http://damnfineshave.com/thread-charcoal...teel-razor

closing this as a duplicate thread.
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