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Up for sale is a Charcoal Goods Lvl1 closed comb with the twin helix handle. This is a very smooth shaving razor and gives a very nice shave.  Feel free to ask any questions.  

$230 shipped to the US ??NOW $207 shipped??
[Image: XNyjPUO.jpg]
[Image: eJinPLr.jpg]
[Image: zx9KoRB.jpg]
[Image: aR3FdxF.jpg]
Why isn't it numbered?
Shave yourself.
(03-23-2018, 02:21 AM)bakerbarber Wrote: Why isn't it numbered?

I don’t think the earlier ones were numbered yet. I had an early Lv-1 baseplate that wasn’t either.

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I’m not sure. It was part of a small batch he made and listed the complete razors for sale last April.

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Price drop $207 shipped

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