Gatineau, QC, Canada
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Here is my Charcoal Brass Stand that I recently
got it thanks to DFS member Kehole at the price that Brian Twilley was Selling it maybe even cheaper how nice guy Sean Kehole is  Happy2

It had some patina on it and I did polish it to start over again and to match with my razor.

Hope you like it 

Alan H

[Image: mO3Z1dH.jpg][Image: QJjQm5w.jpg][Image: Aq8QbrF.jpg][Image: pwrk45J.jpg][Image: Vl0lFDT.jpg][Image: qEUr1Cw.jpg][Image: 4Cb7M6F.jpg][Image: 0A3Z04i.jpg][Image: ZnBgs6t.jpg][Image: qq1Kx9P.jpg]

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Every time I’ve seen one of these CG stands they have been patina enveloped. This looks magnificent. Great workmanship

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