Brian's $15 basic shave head is better than just about every razor I have used.

For those of you sitting on the fence about CG or unable to get a brass one, spend the little bit of $ on this Basic head and see how good the CG stuff is.

I find the Basic head just a tad more aggressive than his level 1 closed comb.

He does First Class shipping, so it should total about 18.75 for one of the best heads you'll find out there.
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Not at all to diminish what's on offer but I don't believe either of the basic heads are Charcoal designs. The OC appears to be a rebranded Pearl OC (India, L below) and the solid bar the Taiwanese head sold as the SABI/Mariner/Toro Mastiff/Boss Razor (R below). I use them both and they're great performers and terrific value indeed. Buy em both. [Image: 10e6df56eb5d3fc7492336123ec37818.jpg]

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I appreciate the correction. I guess I'm not surprised that these are rebrands given the appearance. I have the closed comb. It is a great shaver and for the price, a ridiculous value.

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Charcoal Goods description has "imported". I always assumed a low cost option for your new CG handle until Brian can mare more heads .I was planning to purchase the black version - then out of stock.
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Used the closed comb today. Rockwell handle pairs nicely. OC tomorrow.

[Image: 8f977c23231af4276ee4df66c60bbf81.jpg]

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