Thank you all for the well wishes and kind thoughts in my "Changes in Our Lives" thread.

Things are moving along. I made my 90 day probationary period. Not that I was expecting any trouble Smile

On May 10th the school held ML's retirement party. It was really well done and extremely well attended. After dinner the teachers did corny skits that were quite amusing. I summed it up this way - rubber chicken and long speeches shared with friends and loved ones. A great time was had by all.

We close on a house next Friday May 31st in Northern NH. That process is so fast now days as to be scary.
We made an offer on Sunday. Applied for financing online Sunday evening. Bank called Monday with a question or two. Had a commitment letter on Tuesday. Whew!!

We put the Southern NH house on the market about 2 weeks after agreeing to buy the Northern house. Not the ideal way to do things. Smile  We have not yet sold the Southern house. ML will finish out the school year. I will move in a month earlier next Friday.

We are excited about the new house. My commute from camp where I am staying is 50 miles 1 way. The new place is 5 miles. WooHoo.

These are pics from the real estate web site.

This is the front of the house.
[Image: T7PVkMj.jpg]

The back side
[Image: dKzWojb.jpg]

It has 3 bedrooms and 3 full baths. The house is open and airy. This is the living room.
[Image: ybzRi38.jpg]

The kitchen. I can work with that!
[Image: YJxQWjq.jpg]

The master suite. A big selling point for us. The window to the right faces the back yard and the White Mountains. Lovely.
[Image: gfxoCr5.jpg]

Its funny. We live 40 miles from Boston in a town with 34,000 people. I have 5 acres of mostly forest. We move to the Great North Woods in a town of 3000 folks and I have 3 acres of mostly lawn. This is the side yard.
[Image: wss2VFh.jpg]

And the back yard.
[Image: MH5gnvi.jpg]

ML has volunteered to cut the grass since she is retired or will be soon. But she asked for a zero turn mower. That is a no brainer for me - she gets the ZTR mower!! It will be our first big purchase. ML is gutting the yard in the Southern house. She has a back pack blower and a chainsaw but has trouble starting them. I got here a Toro Personal Pace with an electric start. It is about as fool proof as a gas powered walk behind mower can be.

The realtor for the Southern house said to keep it furnished. Empty houses get low ball offers. So I will only take a futon, a small table and chairs to eat and a chair to relax in. I will slowly move household goods up there. That way I'll have to be the movers less when we finally move completely.

We have done a lot of work to this place over the last 2 months. I guess we are fixing it up for the next lucky owners.


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Beautiful. Congratulations. I'm glad it's all working out well.

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The house looks fantastic, Phil. With Mary Lou's and your touches, it will be perfect. Again, best of luck to you in this new venture. Smile

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You lookin to adopt me? Promise to call you daddy and mow the grass without being asked..... Sure, it'll look a bit weird when you are strapping me into my booster seat in the minivan but I'm ok with that. Beautiful place Phil. (Although my fav is your lake camp). Things are going to be great looks like.

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Congratulations Phil.  Thanks for sharing the opening pages of your next chapter with us. Happy2 Happy2
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Congratulations, Phil and that is a beautiful house and property.

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congrats, Phil!
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Congrats! So what are you doing in your spare time? Big Grin

Nice looking place! When I saw the lawn I immediately thought zero turn mower; a commercial one because you'll be putting a lot of hours on it. Plus they are capable of mowing a LOT of acreage per hour. Mine moves @ 12(? or is it 13?) mph and my neighbor used to be astounded at how fast I could mow. His homeowner ZT moves at 1/2 the speed. You don't want that. Or you could plant it in conifers and in a few years you won't mow where they are at all.

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