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Hello all! I picked up a level 3 SS Charcoal Goods razor a few weeks ago and have been shaving with it to get a good feel. I purchased it after owning a level 2 for some time and wanting something a little more efficient for the multiple day growth.

I really wanted the maze handle due to already having a 3.5" handle in the Florian style for my level 2. Plus, I love CG's more "artistic" handles. With Brian not producing them anymore, I figured I could splurge and spend a little more. The maze was sold out in SS, so I purchased the razor with a bishop handle, and separately purchased a copper maze handle. Nothing wrong with having 3 CG handles! Plus, the mixed metal look is pretty cool. I had read many people stating the CG level 3 is one of the most efficient razors they own/have used. That kind of worried me! I regularly shave with a blackbird, and the thought of anything more efficient than that makes me imagine a bloodbath. First impression from the packaging was good as expected from a high end razor. Small tin with foam cutouts that fit the razor perfectly. The little cardboard coaster is a cool use of otherwise wasted space, but not something I'll ever actually use. Included is a tuck of Astra SP blades. I usually start new razors with Gillette Platinums to get a starting point. I loaded a blade and did a side by side comparison to my level 2. There is a slight increase in gap, but it seems the biggest difference is a good amount of positive blade exposure. The next morning I lathered up some Zingari man "The Explorer", and went at it. I was trying to keep a super shallow angle because i was scared to remove all of my skin, but continued to end up at a more neutral angle. While the shave was efficient, it was not smooth. I had a ton of uncomfortable tugging, especially around my chin where the hair is more dense. I have a suspicion it was my lather, because shortly after, I noticed it drying out around my lips. Even though the road was not smooth getting there, I ended up with a close comfortable shave. Minimal irritation and no blood loss. The next three shaves were similar, with each progressively getting better. I was still dealing with some tugging, but less each shave as I became more comfortable with the razor. The first two shaves were with a Gillette Platinum, and the third-fourth shaves were with an Astra SP. The fifth and most recent shave I switched to B&M reserve Waves and a Wizamet SI blade. It mowed through 4 days growth like nobody's business! It was by far the smoothest shave I've had with this razor so far. The end result was near BBS with no irritation in two passes. Compared to my other razors, this is the king for efficiency. I did use a steeper angle this time which seemed to work better. The blackbird is closest in comparison, but doesn't leave my face stubble free for as long.

Final thoughts, this is a beautifully made razor that shaves as well as it looks. I prefer the matte look over polished because it's "tougher". It seems like every polished razor I have develops micro scratches that bother the hell out of me. This is far from the smoothest razor I've used, but it is the most efficient. And, it is getting smoother with more use. If you love uber efficient razors and don't mind blade feel, you would love this!

[Image: y0xXbdB.jpg][Image: oVQVgqW.jpg][Image: oKdzSDO.jpg][Image: yuAJ0bM.jpg]

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My top razor is the CG lvl 3 OC (the first design). Keep at it and this lvl 3 may become great for you too.
Also you review is hard to read because of the grey font color.

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Congratulations and that is a lovely combination.  Happy2

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(05-10-2020, 12:39 AM)bkatbamna Wrote: My top razor is the CG lvl 3 OC (the first design). Keep at it and this lvl 3 may become great for you too.
Also you review is hard to read because of the grey font color.

The more I use it, the better it shaves! Look forward to becoming very familiar with it. And I didn't notice that, changed it to black now!
Shaved with my Lv3 SB SS, and I really get great, close, shaves with it. I'm thinking it's my favorite too, even considering the nice ones I'm fortunate enough to own.
Glad you like yours Marhos24
Nice looking razor, can't wait to pock up a CG.

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I recently picked up a CG lvl 3 myself, though mine is a gen 1 in antique brass, and had my first shaves with it this weekend. My first few outings with the razor mirrored yours Marhos24 . I also use a Wizamet in mine, and that appears to be a great match. All in alll, it’s a wonderful razor that seems to get better with each use.

Thanks for the write up Marhos24

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The first generation Level 3 razors--both SB and OC--are my favorite three razors. Two are antique brass, and one is shiny brass. Two are open comb, and one is SB. I've got the maze handle, as well as hammered and helix handles.

For me, the shaves with all three are perfect. The blade is forward, but not too forward, and the efficiency is as good as it gets. I enjoy many other razors (Wolfman, Blackbird, etc.), but the L3s are the top of my heap.

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I have gen 1 level 3 DC that I use from time to time. Not a real fan of blade exposure and feel but I can use the OC side without fear now with the right blade.
Much prefer the level 1 for comfort though.
Love the short handles, just received the maze and twin helix.

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Yes Brian is the ARTIST in artisan razors and you cannot go wrong with any of his Charcoal Goods razors. There has been a handle length, metal choice and aggressiveness of razor head available for every personality and face out there. His Levels 1, 2 and 3 have become so well thought of that other razor makers and certainly us users refer to the competition as comparable to the various Charcoal Goods Level. When we say a razor shave like L2 we all know what that means so he has gone beyond any standard number or term and has become the standard !

Marhos24 Enjoy that mixed metal razor !

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