Got this email from gifts & care and looks like Cella revamped their line of products. Its not just two items anymore but more variety. They even have a new tube of shaving cream. Check it out if interested!

Here's the link!


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OK, that's a first; I've never seen a kg. of shaving soap on offer... Smile

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Great. Now I need to buy a red tub with Grandpa Lather on it. They couldn't leave well enough alone.

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An aftershave too!

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jimofthecorn Cella has always been sold in 1kg blocks. Since it's primarily used as a barbershop soap in Italy, it's pretty common practice for it to be sold in a larger quantity. P160 was also sold this way, though it has since been discontinued. If you're feeling wealthy though, Italian Barber has a 1kg block of P160 on sale ... for $10K.

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They changed the label but the formulation of the shaving soap in 150ml and 1kg format is still the same. They added a brushless ("senza pennello", in Italian) sshaving cream in tube.

As for the aftershave, the description says "aromatic and fresh", so it's definitely not (almond) scented as the traditional soap.

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Aftershave is close to Hattric in scent:

Top Notes - Bergamot, Lemon, Lime
Heart Notes -Thyme, Jasmin, Rose, Pepper
Base notes - Cedarwood, Moss, Patchouli

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The rapid (brushless) cream is almond scented , a little stronger than the soap.

The pre shave gel & AS balm have a muted version of the AS lotion scent.

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I just hope they don't change the formula of this old reliable

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My guess is that it's the same soap, just in a different packaging. And I too hope they don't change the formula. The soap is great as it is right now. It's one of my favourites.

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