I used this for the 1st time today. To me it smells and acts just like Proraso. It has the same post shave feel, sticky for a few seconds then nice and smoooth. If there was already a thread regarding this feel free to delete this one.

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Good to know. I like Proraso and keep a bottle on hand but have not tried Cella as of yet.

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This is actually on my to-buy list.
Can you describe the scent? Is it like the soap? nwohio says its like Proraso...which one?
It is very much like the Proraso Green splash. The scent is a little bit different which is a plus to me. The properties are almost identical. I really like this but I do no think it smells much like Cella. It is a very nice splash and has a nice moisturizing feel. I got a compliment on it from a complete stranger.
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I meant to answer this long ago, but since I am carpet bombing DFS with posts...

I asked the same thing over the summer when I saw it hit the market and added one to my G&C order. I was disappointed when I got it. It smells and feels exactly like Nivea ASL (in the blue bottle). A bit high on the perfume level for me. I was hoping for something along the lines of the Cella brick soap but it is far and away a totally different animal. It has lasting power and every leg shaver I came in contact liked it, so it isnt a total bust in that dept, but its not my favorite nor is it even a secondary consideration for me.
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